Oduor Jagero

Founder CMS Africa

Oduor Jagero is the team leader at CMS Africa. He has a responsibility in providing strategy and direction to the design team. Jagero is a trained journalist, self-taught developer, and novelist who has authored four books and written award-winning plays. Oduor is a top notch designer.

Tim Lehnen

CTO Drupal

Tim has been a member of the Drupal community for 15 years, and part of the Drupal Association for 6. He leads the Engineering team that builds the tools that help the community build Drupal.

Rachel Lawson

Community Liason

Over almost 15 years in the Drupal community, Rachel has connected with contributors all over the globe. In her role, she helps connect new contributors to opportunities in the community, and helps local communities foster their Drupal talent.

Adam Silverstein

Developer Relations Engineer, Google

Adam is a WordPress core comitter where he works to fix bugs and improve modern web capabilities. As a Developer Relations Engineer in the content ecosystem team at Google, he works to inspire developers to care about and follow best practices.

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